1- How Millionaires View Their Time

Digital Productivity Tool Roundup_ Here are some of our favorites.pdf

Action Steps:

  1. Install a time tracker using the Tool Roundup PDF.
  2. Track your time for the next 2-3 days. This doesn't have to be detailed or take a lot of time! We've attached King's time tracker as an example of how quick and dirty this process can be- the goal is awareness, not perfection.

King - Time Tracking Example.pdf

Some of the most financially and creatively successful people I know share this key trait- they know how and where they spend their time.

Are you squandering hundreds of hours of your life every month? Do you know where that time goes?

This is why it's critical that, at least for 3-4 days, you track your offline and online time.

Without exception, this exercise changes your perception of how you spend your waking hours.